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10 Economic Tips for a Renovation

Recycling and reusing the existing stuffs in your house is one of the keys to recover the greatness of any targeted room. You do not have to organize this old space with a trip to a shopping center or even spend a lot of your savings. All you need to do is just following these steps to get your room looks fresher in an efficient way.

1. Renovate the old pantry

Look for everything you can reuse in your pantry. Bring unused toy storage boxes to store sporting goods, such as balls, helmets and gloves. You can change the room usage using this trick. You can turn the pantry to become a storage room.


Renovate your old pantry into a storage room

2. Give a new life to the bookshelf.

A workshop shelf can be a good place to store gardening tools, empty pots and seed packets in a bucket. You can also try to place a low bookcase on a table or an old desk to create an instant working table. Put a nice layer of paint to make it a good single unit.


3. Recycle the hotel-style towel rack

Hotel-style towel racks (the kind of shelves that stick on the wall to hold towels without folding) are great to maximize the used space. Use one to stack beach towels rolled up at the top, and use the hooks or the bottom bar to hang a clothes brush and a shovel, or that tool which always goes astray.


4. Think in a traditional way

Use large cabinets that lying on the back to store garden tools, as well as soil bags, compost or fertilizer. Use the one without drawers to make it easier for you to place tools. You can always retouch the cabinets first before reusing it. When you are retouching them, do not forget to change the monotonous exterior of the cabinet with paint or vinyl decals that are easy to place.


5. Reconsider desk supplies

You can use penholders to store screws, bolts, and other utensils on a workbench. The narrow slots of a drawer divider are the perfect size for keeping rulers, carpenter’s pencils and foam brushes. You can try anything else that comes in your mind to be reused. Explore your imagination to cut the renovation budget.


6. Vertical is better

Metal folder organizers can store plywood pieces, loose container lids, and any other lightweight items that fit the space. Place them vertically to save more space in the room.


7. Reserve it

Use metal or wire trash cans to keep garden bamboo poles or wooden debris of different lengths in an aligned way. Paint them to give them a completely different look to the industrial one. You can reserve the bamboo poles or woods to be used again later. You can also save them in a good decorative way at the same time.


8. Revive that picnic table game

Do you know how to create a unique work shelf? Put a wooden bench for picnic on a table, place another bench on the top of the first one, and fix everything on the back and sides with boards to close up. And voila! There you have it, your own sophisticated shelf and workspace instantly.


9. Create a mini working space

Install a unique shelf with hooks on a bench and turn the garage entrance into an arduous work place. If you place a pin board between the shelf and the bench, you will gain even more vertical storage space.


10. Use free space

It is a good idea to place hooks on the ceiling and shelves on the sidewalls, but make sure to leave enough room to open the car doors. You could also place beams on the ceiling to store boxes. Or you could use the back wall to place shelves or storages; Do not forget to install a parking block, or a car stop, so you know how far you can get to park the car.


You can reuse and recycle many things in your house to support your renovation projects. But before you do that, you must figure out that there is no asbestos inside the targeted room. It will be a big problem when you damage the existing asbestos product in your place. That is why it is important to perform a full inspection followed by a removal work. Make sure that your targeted renovation space is free from asbestos before you start the reconstruction.

Try to search for the most reliable asbestos removal Brisbane service. You can check the reviews and comments from the previous customers. Make sure that you choose the right removalist to deliver the work. You must avoid criminal charges that can occur from mishandling the products.

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