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5 Reasons Why You Need To Do Asbestos Removal

Are you living in the greater Brisbane region? If yes, don’t forget to check whether your house contains asbestos materials or not. If yes, prepare a thorough plan. If needed, conduct a safe asbestos removal Brisbane for your property.

If you’re wondering why you need to do a safe asbestos removal?

Then, let’s start with the 5 facts of asbestos-containing material (ACM) and how dangerous it is for your health.

removalist removing asbestos


FACT 1: There are ACM within your house and properties.

Asbestos itself is a name for a set of six-silicate mineral that developed into the shape of fibers by nature. The ACM divided into two types:

1. Serpentine substance, contains only Chrysotile or known as white asbestos.

Serpentine is the most dangerous type of ACM. The worst news of Chrysotile is that we can find it easily. Due to its function, this type of ACM is mostly utilized asbestos in the world.

Approximately 90% of asbestos uptake use this kind of material.

Chrysotile material can be found in:

  • ceilings,
  • pipe insulation,
  • roofs,
  • walls,
  • and even the floors of houses and commercial properties.

2. Amphibole, fibers form that needle-like.

Amphibole consists of Amosite, Crocidolite, Tremolite, Anthophyllite, and Actinolite as the members of this type of ACM.

  1. Amosite: Amosite or called as brown fibers frequently used in various types of insulation product. It is because amosite well-known of its strength and heat resistance. Amosite commonly found in thermal insulation, plumbing insulation, insulation board and much more.
  2. Crocidolite: Known as the blue fibers or “wooly stone”. Crocidolite commonly used in several industrial items, such as: ceiling tiles, fire protection, and insulation boards. Crocidolite determined as the most dangerous type of ACM. It because of the nature of its physical properties of crocidolite.
  3. Tremolite: Tremolite often used in commercial goods. We can find tremolite in roofing material, sealant, integrated paints, insulation, etc.
  4. Anthophyllite: Anthophyllite uncommonly used in industrial goods, but it can be found in vermiculite and talc.
  5. Actinolite: Actinolite type often found contaminate inside different ACM products. Actinolite can be found in sealants, paints and more.

Above all, ACM is frequently used in acoustical plaster and in the component mixture on walls and ceiling.

Carcinogen products among us are fibrous products with cement element.

For Example:

  •    Sheeting (fibro);
  •    Roofing, shingles, and downpipes;
  •    Fencing;
  •    Thermal boards around fireplaces;
  •    Under layer material in vinyl flooring tiles;
  •    Water or flue pipes;
  •    Gaskets in wood stoves;
  •    Guttering;
  •    Insulation used in stoves, hot water pipes, and heaters; and
  •    Concrete formwork


FACT 2: The fiber substance once is a big hit on the part of the household industry since the 1900s.

Why ? It’s because the material had some useful part, such as fire resistance and had good insulation.

Another valuable side of the material is it does not vaporize into the air and shattered over time.

The fiber material even refers as the best insulator known to man.

That’s why before the risk using the material known, people used the material in their properties. They utilized the fibrous substances not only in commercial building, but also within the residential building, school, and workplaces.


#FACT 3: ACM is a dangerous material.

The exposure of the fibrous substance will lead to severe impact on your health.

The Consequences Of Fiber Material Exposure

It’s the part that we’re all waiting for.

Let’s talk about why fiber substance is such a hazardous material and why its exposure could endanger us.

Here is the simplest explanation.

Asbestos is tiny little fibers that we could not see with our naked eyes. The size of the fibers could up to 700 times smaller than a human hair.

The ACMs lay within our properties. They could be in our tiles or ceiling in our house. If the materials in our house or other properties are disturbed, the substance will form a dust of tiny little fiber. Then, the fibers will release into the air. Those fibers will diminish and could travel deep into our body as we breathed in.

Once we inhale the fibers, our body could not destroy the threads. Thus, the substances will retain within our body for the rest of our life.

The fibers which lodged in our body could harm someone’s health and the primary concern is the asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma.


#FACT 4: There are not any proven cures yet for the asbestos-related diseases.

For further information, you may visit:


#FACT 5: The number of deaths occuring from mesothelioma increased between 1997-2012[1]

highest incidence rates of mesothelioma in the world

In Australia, 690 new mesothelioma cases were diagnosed in 2011. Later on 2103, the preliminary number of mesothelioma diagnoses was 5.751[2]


Now, we all agree that the ACM is a dangerous material which may endanger our lives.

Here’re the 5 reasons why you need to do A SAFE removal.

1. Asbestos dominates Australia

Nowadays, the fibrous material becomes one of the hottest issues in some countries and Australia is one of them. If you wonder why here is the answer. In 1954, Australia was known as the world’s highest gross consumer of fibrous-material cement product per capita basis.

Due to the ACM utilization years ago,

thousand of houses and public building using the fiber materials. For that reason, it is a smart choice to check whether your property contains the material or not.

Contact a professional to help you do the testing and inspection procedure. All the activities or work involving the substance are a risky work. Getting the help by an expert is the right way if you are going to handle the element.


2. The malignant mesothelioma attacked the Australians

Australia became the country with the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world.

The fibrous utilization history in Australia started years ago. A long time ago, the fiber substance was a profitable business. The fibrous manufacturers spread all over the world including Australia.

Asbestos mining in Australia

ACM risk started known in 1935 when an inspector of factories in Western Australia reports the effect of fibre dust on the worker’s lung. But, the bad sides of fibrous material had been covered up and grow through. Eventually, the material becomes a nightmare after the first case of ACM death in factories. A couple years later, occurs “asbestosis” as a name of diseases after further claim filed by sick asbestos. After plenty years of research, the expert found that asbestosis sufferers likely to get lung cancer.

Finally, in 1985, the manufacturing of the material was banned. Unfortunately, the utilize of fibrous material among Australian residents still remaining until now.

Based on The Australian Mesothelioma Registry, around 641 Australians died because of mesothelioma in 2014. The ACM becomes such a dreadful issue in Australia. Issues that need to solve right away. A large amount of ACM utilized in commercial products in the past is now troublesome for the Australia residents.


3. There are ACM materials within numerous houses and properties in Brisbane

The ACM issues in Australia circulate all around the area. And Yes, the substance is also a problem in Brisbane. Many houses and the building within the area still contain the carcinogen materials

Based on the Queensland government, Many buildings in Queensland built before 1990 contain ACM. (

And up till the 1960s, 25% of all new housing was clad in asbestos cement in Australia.

(Leigh J. etal. 2002, Malignant Mesothelioma in Australia, 1945-2000)


4. Issues in conducting a safe fibrous-material removal

In doing a safe fibrous material removal, there are several procedures need to be carried in the right way.

After performing a removal, the next significant process is transferring the fibrous waste to the authorized waste sites for carcinogen material within your area. It is crucial to dispose of your ACM waste to the right place.


Brisbane area is facing problems on how to handle ACM removal properly.

Some of the removal cases in Brisbane are related to the dumping sites of the fiber material.

Some people who do the removal in their own disposed of their fibrous junk to the illegal disposal site.

If you questioned, is it a problem to discard your fiber junk improperly? The answer is yes, it is a problem. It is because the fibrous waste will contaminate the soil around the dumping site if are not throw away in the right place.

To manage the fibrous material problems, Brisbane local council managed to handle the problem by preparing a dumping location of fiber substance. The law ruled that fiber substance must be disposed of in a particular place.


5. Getting help from a professional and certified removalist Brisbane

Now, if you’re living in Brisbane and have friable or bonded ACM issues in your place, here are the things you should underline.

Don’t try to do the fibre removal by yourself! It is not some kind of DIY that you could easily perform.

If you’re living in Brisbane getting help by a removalist in Brisbane, QLD area is the best thing you need to do. Getting help from an expert will save you time, even though it will cost you money. But, let the expert do the job for you, hence, there would not be a misconduct in the process.

To remove the hazardous substance requires proper equipment, some assessment, and experiences before actually doing it. Use an expert will surely cost you money, to save some money, try to do these things first before contact an actual licensed removalist Brisbane;

  1. Check if your property is using the dangerous substance or not, Check if your house was built around the 1980s;
    • If your house built “before the mid-1980s”, it is “more likely” to have the hazardous materials.
    • If your house built “between the mid-1980s and 1990”, it is “likely” to have the fibrous substances.
    • If your house built “after the 1990s”, it is ”unlikely” to have the fiber materials.
  2. If your house is in “more likely” or “likely” contain the hazardous material, then the next step is to take pictures of your fibre materials. It will save some cost to contact the removalist in your area.
  3. To prevent the exposure, keep the material in its place. Do not disturb the ACM within your place! Just simply do these things to avoid the dangerous exposure:“Never” drill, hammer, cut, saw, break, damage, move any of ACMs.
  4. Let the removal contractor do the work to remove your ACM problems.
  5. If it’s the time to discard the waste, you and your removalist can check these disposal locations in Brisbane as references

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