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Asbestos Experts for Difficult Refurbishment and Demolition Tasks

Our endorsed experienced and expert asbestos contractors are capable of conducting the most difficult task of any demolition. We have teams across the greater Brisbane region ready for you!

Trust Our Endorsed Contractors to deliver A prompt and Quick demolition plan

Our endorsed contractors can assist you in creating a prompt and quick asbestos demolition plan. We will respond quickly and work safely to provide superior demolition services in residential, commercial, industrial and government settings.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose our endorsed contractors

  • Your health and safety is our top priority
  • Our consultants are competent and reliable
  • Scheduling that suits your project's time frame so it is convenient for you
  • Our contractors are highly-experienced experts
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Trust only a professional, trusted and experienced asbestos contractor to handle your asbestos demolition procedure.

Comprehensive Asbestos Demolition Procedure

Are you going to demolish or refurbish your building in the greater Brisbane region? Be aware of the asbestos material at your premises. Contact our endorsed contractors to assist you with a complete demolition plan.

Services provided by our endorsed contractors for asbestos demolition service

  • Identification of the location and condition of asbestos-containing material at your premises
  • Performing a demolition survey before commencing any demolition or refurbishment works
  • Deliver a concise report detailing the location and condition of asbestos containing material in your building

Our contractors can provide selective demolition services on projects of any size or complexity.

"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos demolition in Brisbane"

Check before you demolish!

Carrying out a demolition or refurbishment work in a commercial space or industrial building that contains asbestos can put people’s health at risk. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) should be properly identified and removed by a professional prior to beginning any refurbishment or property upgrades.

Our endorsed members are capable of handling the most difficult task of any renovation projects. With years of experience in this field, they can safely demolish or remove any standing or underlying structure from all types of buildings including commercial, residential, and government buildings.

asbestos demolition in Brisbane

Our A-class licensed contractors are highly skilled and well-equipped with the latest tools required for the work. They are able in providing you with a safe and cost-effective solution to all your asbestos demolition and refurbishment projects. Our contractors ensure your site is ready for the next stage of development – no delay, no fuss, and delivered with the highest standards of safety.

Fast and efficient asbestos demolition Brisbane services

Dangerous fibres can easily be inhaled if you disturb, drill, break, cut or move building materials that contain asbestos. It is important to properly identify asbestos-containing material (ACM) before a construction project, so the risk of disturbing it and releasing airborne fibres is eliminated. Read our 3 diseases caused by asbestos exposure article.

Health risks of fibre exposure –

It is important to contact a competent and reliable contractor to perform an inspection, sampling, testing and the removal of fibrous materials from your property. Our approved contractors will conduct the process fast and efficiently with minimal disruption to your project.

Our A-class licensed members provide extensive services including:

1. Asbestos demolition or refurbishment survey

A survey is required before any renovation jobs are carried out. The survey must be conducted by a certified and competent surveyor. Our endorsed surveyors will conduct a survey to identify and locate, as far as reasonably practicable, all ACMs in the area where a construction work is taking place. They will check all products in your building that may contain ACMs including fencing, roofing, and cement sheeting products.

To minimise risks to the public or employees on the premises, they will vacate the survey area and protect furnishings using sheeting when required. After the survey, they will certify that the area is fit for reoccupation before people move back in. Then,  our members will deliver a report that states the location, presence, and extent of ACMs and debris.

2. A safe and complete asbestos demolition Brisbane service by our licensed contractors

Our approved members ensure a professional, reliable, honest, and most importantly, safe removal service to everyone. That’s why they use the most up-to-date equipment and tool to ensure everyone’s safety including personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory equipment, a HEPA vacuum, and decontamination units.

Our approved assessors are specialists in removal and demolition of friable materials in commercial, residential and government buildings. Qualified with a class-A removal license, rest assured they would remove the hazardous materials from your building in an effective and safe manner.

3. Transportation and dispose of waste material to a legal facility

Our approved members will assist you with all of your transportation and disposal needs. Whether it is documentation, packaging, or any other aspect of ACM disposal, let their team of professionals helps you.

They have the years of experience and environmental insurance that will give you the peace of mind that hazardous waste will safely be delivered and disposed of to a legal facility. With this in mind, you can feel confident in a safe and proper disposal of your hazardous waste materials.

  Brisbane asbestos demolition

Demolish your building the right way

With a strong emphasis on safety, our endorsed contractors provide the most effective demolition service available in the greater Brisbane region. Our class-A licensed members are able to demolish any structure with professionalism and strict adherence to regulations. From detailed commercial renovation to the complete demolition of industrial structures, they can accommodate your needs with the minimum disruption to your family and neighbours.

Our class-A licensed members have the skill and experience to successfully complete your construction project- at great prices. Their team of specialists is extensively trained and knowledgeable, this means you can rest assured that your project would be handled safely and efficiently.

Contact one or more of our endorsed contractors today to ensure a safe and efficient asbestos demolition Brisbane process. Whether you need assistance with a survey or complete demolition, endorsed contractors in asbestos watch Brisbane are here to help!