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We see some of the most extreme weather in the greater Brisbane region including hail, cyclones, storm, flooding, and bushfires. If you need emergency repair for your residential, commercial, and government properties, our contractors are ready for you. Our teams are committed in providing responsive and immediate care 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Whatever your asbestos emergency situation, our teams have the skills and experiences in putting things fast and safe. We understand your concerns to solve an urgent situation involving asbestos. For that reason, our endorsed contractors offer different asbestos emergency repair solutions, depending on your budget and situation.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Our Endorsed Contractors

  • Only experienced and professional contractors are endorsed
  • Our affordable services performed by licensed, skilled, and trained contractors
  • Your Health and safety is our top priority
  • We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service
  • Prompt in the call and quote process

Trust only a responsive, professional and experienced contractor to handle your asbestos emergency situation.

Immediate Care for Asbestos Emergency Situation

If you own a property in the greater Brisbane region, you may need to contact us from time to time about repairs or maintenance. You must not neglect any damages happened in your home. If you need an immediate service for your emergency situation, contact our endorsed contractor Today!

Services provided by our endorsed contractors as follows:

  • Undertake all the procedures with outmost care and reasonable pricing
  • Creating an emergency plan to minimize fiber exposure
  • Identification of the degree of contamination by risk assessment upon an emergency or incidents.
  • Handling the transportation and the dispose of asbestos waste to a legal facility
  • Remove all material containing asbestos in the area

If you have an emergency situation, contact our endorsed contractors for a fast and immediate response!

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Asbestos incidents: what you need to do?

The need to perform asbestos removal work on the basis of emergency may arise from time to time. A crisis repair might be necessary following an uncontrolled release of fibres or caused by a fallen or damaged asbestos-containing material (ACM).

You never know exactly when an incident will happen. However, when it does, you can bet that it will be at the most inconvenient time possible. Asbestos Watch Brisbane, as an endorsement company for asbestos contractors, can help you with every urgent situation caused by asbestos. We understand your concerns to solve an urgent situation involving asbestos.

For that reason, our class-A licensed members offer different emergency repair Brisbane solutions, depending on your situation and budget. Our carefully chosen and vetted contractors will attend to the site, effecting a permanent repair and when not possible a temporary repair.

Brisbane asbestos emergency repair

Our licensed members can even deal directly with your insurer. They can invoice your insurance company directly after the emergency repair work has been carried out.

Trust only our professional, experienced, and responsive contractors to handle your asbestos emergency situation. Whether you need emergency repair in commercial or residential properties; our members have got it covered.

Everything you need to know about asbestos emergency repair in Brisbane

An urgent repair may also be required upon an incident such as storm or flood that damages or destroys buildings. With one-third of houses in Australia today containing fibrous materials, the risk of exposure to airborne fibres after a natural disaster can be very high.

In most recent times, a mini tornado in Mooloolaba and a further hailstorm in Brisbane were examples how people can be exposed easily to asbestos following natural disasters.

Neglecting any damages that may have occurred in your home is a risk that is just too great to take. If you need an immediate service for your emergency situation, contact our endorsed contractors immediately.

Services provided by our licensed members as follows:

1. Emergency repair at your house

Removing ACMs can be dangerous. Some activities, such as a DIY attempt, is prohibited to ensure you, your family, and employees stay safe.

Upon an accident or natural disaster, our endorsed contractors will firstly perform a risk assessment to identify the degree of contamination. This will be followed by creating an action plan to minimise fibre exposure in the air.

Briefly, here is the standard procedure that will be conducted by our contractors following an incident:

  1. Our approved specialists will restrict access to the area and post a warning sign/label to inform people inside of the building.
  2. They always work with personal protective equipment (PPE) to comply with regulatory requirements and ensuring our safety.
  3. In case an ACM is located in a ceiling entry, our specialists are equipped with a vacuum that has HEPA filters to remove friable and bonded ACM.
  4. They will conduct a quick inspection and further remove the contaminated materials. Whether it’s fibrous roofing, sheeting, fencing products; they can do it.
  5. They can also perform air monitoring during the removal to ensure the level of fibres does not exceed the maximum limit if required.
  6. After the removal jobs are done, our endorsed removalists will clean the area and dispose of all ACM and contaminated equipment in a hazardous waste disposal.
  7. As the last step, our removalists will ensure a safe handling, transport and disposal of all waste to the legal disposal facility.

2. Emergency services at your workplace

If there are possible fibres released at your place of work, everyone inside of the building should stop working immediately. You should restrict the access to the location and put a warning sign before the entrance. All employees in the affected area should be checked for the presence of debris or dust on their clothes.

Upon arrival, our A-class licensed contractors will quickly assess all details of the emergency and decide on the best course of action. They may conduct a sampling to identify the presence of fibres from the disturbed material. If it is necessary, they may also perform air monitoring within the area to calculate the fibres level on the air.

When fibres are found from the testing, they will assess whether removal is necessary to be performed. When removal is needed, our approved removal specialists can help you to eliminate ACM from your workplace altogether.

Brisbane asbestos emergency

3. Deal with your insurance company after the repair work

Adding to the stress of your clean-up is the need to deal with the insurance company on your claim. That’s when you need our approved members as your partner.

They can help walk your through the process, providing you with the accurate and timely answers your insurance company is looking for. They will do everything they can to make your insurance claim for environmental clean-up proceed smoothly.

Immediate care for your emergency situation

Unpredictable events come up when you least expect them, but with Asbestos Watch Brisbane you can always feel prepared. Our endorsed contractors ensure that when the unpredictable happens, they are there to support you with the right solution, right away.

Our class-A licensed members are knowledgeable and experienced, with a reputation for quality and customer service. You can put your full confidence in our approved contractors since they have an excellent reputation and safety record.

Our endorsed specialists are continuously trained on the latest technology and systems, ensuring that they are equipped to fix the problem correctly and efficiently. They strive to deliver excellent quality services at competitive costs.

If you are in need of emergency repair Brisbane services, just contact one or more of our A-class licensed contractors for a fast and immediate response.