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Asbestos Watch Brisbane endorsed contractors are competent to create asbestos management plan within the greater Brisbane region. By employing our contractors to manage your works, you are taking away the worry of liability and the stress of the project.

Our endorsed contractors, the right expert for your Asbestos Management Plan

Our contractors have the resources and capabilities of creating asbestos management plans that meet all regulatory requirements. We work closely with our clients to deliver cost effective solutions that meet individual requirements.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose our endorsed contractors

  • We take all jobs seriously
  • Fast accurate job estimates to help you plan
  • Our consultants are reliable and competent
  • Total solutions for your problems
  • Easy and straightforward process for our client

Whether you need assistance with management plans for asbestos or other services, our team can help.
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Effective and Efficient Asbestos Management Plan

The purpose of an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is to establish a procedure if asbestos is identified in the workplace. It outlines roles and responsibilities of those in control to eliminate or reduce risks. Our contractors are qualified in creating an effective and efficient asbestos management plan.

Services provided by our endorsed contractors for asbestos management plan:

  • We assist you in creating an effective, efficient and practical plan for your asbestos problems.
  • Timeline for the implementation of control measures.
  • Maintain an up-to-date asbestos register.
  • Risk assessment and implementation of control measures to eliminate the risk of exposure.
  • Every work will be undertaken in compliance with legislation applicable code and guidelines.

With our team of specialists, we can assist with the preparation of environmentally acceptable plans that meet all requirements. Contact us today for more details about our services.

"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos management plan in Brisbane"

Your business needs an asbestos management plan (AMP)

Companies should have an asbestos management plan Brisbane in place that outlines how they may deal with suspected fibrous material before conducting work on a building. AMP is the first step to manage asbestos at your premises. If you need to create a strategy plan, get in touch with us today. Companies that don’t have a right plan can face heavy fines. Equally if an employee develops a disease or condition having been exposed to fibrous materials while at your commercial building, they will be eligible to claim compensation from you.

Brisbane asbestos management plan

Asbestos Watch Brisbane, as an endorsement company for contractors, can connect you with competent class-A licensed contractors who will assist you in the development of detailed AMP. The plan will outline where fibrous materials are likely to be found and what action needs to be taken.

All of our endorsed contractors are skilled in a number of disciplines and have the relevant knowledge to assist you. They will study your building; conducting a risk assessment as well as creating a comprehensive asbestos management plan Brisbane for you. Our endorsed members can also review your current in-place management program so that it can stay up-to-date.

If you need a more detailed estimate, or if you have questions about services provided by our approved members, get in touch with us anytime. Call one of our endorsed contractors now, and they will be glad to offer you a no-obligation, complete quote for your project.

Why you need certified contractors to create an AMP in Brisbane

An AMP can assist in making sure that people who work in or visit your property are not exposed to this dangerous material. It also ensures that the people that are responsible for working on or in the property are advised accordingly about the fibre presence. The AMP enables them to avoid exposure by handling fibrous materials properly and safely.

In a case of accidental release of the friable fibres to the air, control measures are adopted fast enough. It is a consistent way of identifying the fibrous material and taking all necessary precautions to maintain such structures in good condition.

Furthermore, if you are planning to do a renovation or demolition work, you need to create an AMP to ensure the safety of construction workers who will undertake construction projects at your premises.

The plan must be clear and precise, and must include these following aspects:

  • The workplace’s register of ACM (The Australian Government has actually created a register to record the details of members of the community who may think they have been exposed to some form of ACM)
  • Details of maintenance or service work needed on the ACM which may include the following:
  • Those who have performed the work
  • The precise dates that it was completed on
  • The scope of the work that was done
  • As well as any clearance certificates that may have been given
  • How people at risk are provided information about the ACM present in the workplace, and the risks they may pose and what control measures have been put in place
  • All decisions about management options and the very reasons for these decisions
  • A timetable for action, which will include priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments as well as specific circumstances that may very well affect that timetable
  • Monitoring arrangements
  • The responsibilities of people involved in the AMP
  • Asbestos awareness training for workers and contractors alike
  • A procedure for reviewing and updating the plan and the registering of ACM, including a timetable
  • Safe work methods

The most obvious reason to have an in-place management program is that it’s a legal requirement for the premises owner. A premises owner is required to review and maintain a detailed register on the presence of fibrous materials in a workplace. If you failed to show this document, you might receive penalty charge from the regulatory body. The penalty can be as high as $3,600 for a homeowner and $18,000 for corporate.

Here are some links that related to policy and guidelines in regards to the management of asbestos.


However, the cost of the penalty should not be your main reason to have an in-place management program for your building. The regulation is there for a good reason; by having an appropriate program, you ensure the health and safety of building occupants from the potential risks of fibre exposure.

You should seek help and advice from a certified contractor to create the AMP. We will connect you with competent and reliable contractors that considered as the best in creating an in-place management program within the greater Brisbane region. Our members have worked with various individuals, companies, and government bodies and delivered the desired results.

There are many reasons why selecting our class-A licensed contractors is a wise move

Our contractors offer services that are customized to meet your needs and expectations. They strive to deliver high-quality services at a value price. Here are top reasons why you need to contact our approved contractors as follows:

Our consultants are reliable and competent
As an endorsement company for Brisbane asbestos removal contractors, we know how important it is for you to find a qualified and experienced contractor for all your ACM problems. If you are looking for a reliable and competent contractor, ours is second to none.

All of our contractors are very knowledgeable and committed to making sure your project comes together. Their teams have the right certification and have been professionally trained to deliver excellent AMP services. They recognise how important it is to get the project done on time and within your spending budget.

Our contractors take all jobs seriously
Our approved members take all jobs seriously; that’s why they are always professional and upfront about the process and cost of AMP services. They are always available to talk you through all the options and find the suitable service for you.

Our A-class licensed members have a dedicated team of qualified contractors who are experts in creating a comprehensive in-place management program in Brisbane.  They are extensively trained and ready to help you to make the best decision in creating an in-place management program. No job is too small or big for our approved contractors.

Fast accurate job estimates to help you plan
Our contractors are here to provide fast and accurate services at competitive prices. Before commencing any works, they always prepare a good set of plans to deliver accurate and fast results. If you want the maximum and accurate service the first time, contact one or more of our endorsed members today.

Total solutions for your problems
We understand that experience and expertise alone do not guarantee success; this is why we endorse contractors that deliver “whole-picture solutions.” They begin by understanding the challenges of the problem, and then they solve the problem. Moreover, they are always taking into account all additional factors needed to assure a successful project.

The whole-picture approach enables them to deliver the most efficient solution. Our contractors pride themselves on meeting challenges and solving all problems collaboratively with the clients. Our team of specialists will handle jobs large and small, and deliver total solutions for all your problems.

Easy and straightforward process for our client
Our contractors will walk you through each stage of the process and answer any questions you have. They take every project seriously and want to make your experience simple and easy. Their straightforward working practices have made them the preferred choice for creating detailed management plans.

AMP Services provided by our class-A licensed contractors

Our contractors can help you prepare a written plan that sets out in detail how you are going to manage the risk of fibrous materials. By bringing together all information from a pre-inspection, they aim to implement procedures to control any activities that may disturb ACM, as well as provide an audit. Here are extensive services provided by our approved members:

They assist you in creating an effective, efficient and practical plan for your problems

They will prepare a control plan that outlines the procedures in place to prevent those working in the area from coming into contact with the fibrous materials or getting contaminated by them. The report will outline the processes and strategies from start to finish involved in the fibre removal and environmental auditing processed used after that.

The first part of a strategy plan will highlight necessary plans and objectives. This part outlines the objectives of the plan, the areas affected, and the period of time involved. Therefore, the AMP will label all the areas, name all the personnel involved or affected by the process, as well as outline a course of action towards successfully preventing contamination and other risks.

Finally, our endorsed assessors will formalize the termination of the period of time it was in effect. This usually occurs after ACM removal is complete and asbestos testing confirms that the area is safe.

Risk assessment and implementation of control measures to eliminate the risk of exposure
In order for any AMP to succeed in mitigating the risks associated with fibrous products, there are several management processes that need to be carefully handled. The first one is communication management, where the processes involved in alerting those affected by the plan need to be controlled and planned. The management of the site needs to inform their subordinate staff using the best communication methods to ensure that they are aware of the risks involved and the need for safety.

Additionally, the site management also needs good safety protocols to ensure that any contaminations and incidents are handled in the correct manner. There will be adequate first aid equipment in place as well as good processes to ensure fast transport to the hospital in case a need arises.

Timeline for the implementation of control measures
We understand that creating a solid project timeline is essential to determine if the project is on track. Our contractors will design a timeline that describes and clarifies what the project should deliver within that time-frames. Their team will develop a timeline that includes:

  • Brief descriptions of project phases
  • Major activities for each goal
  • Key milestones
  • Associated target dates
  • Assignments and responsibilities per project phase
  • Maintain an up-to-date register

Our contractors will list all assumed and identified fibrous materials and documented them in an asbestos register. They will maintain a register of all fibrous materials in the area, which are labeled and marked to prevent interaction or contamination. They will further ensure that the register is kept by the duty holder and made available for all building occupants.

Every work will be undertaken in compliance with legislation applicable code and guidelines
Our contractors work hard to minimise disruption and disturbance in accordance with the national and local regulations. All work is carried out in agreement with health and safety guidelines and is accredited to national standards.

The right expert for your AMP

Our class-A licensed contractors can assist you in the development of a detailed strategy plan to ensure that you are managing your asbestos effectively. Their well-trained team will walk with you from the first inquiry to the time the job is satisfactorily completed. Further, their team of specialists is available to offer any post-service assistance to ensure your satisfaction on the quality of service provided. When required, they can connect you to a licensed removalist to perform a safe fencing, roofing, and cement sheeting removal.

We take pride in our contractors’ ability on delivering exceptional quality at a competitive price. They put your health and safety as their top priority; that’s why their main aim is to ensure your safety all times. Our members ensure that safety and tidiness are maintained after the work. Further, their service provision is customized to meet the needs of each client. They strive to attain quality to the highest expectation of our customers.

Whether you need assistance with management plans for asbestos or other services, endorsed contractors in asbestos watch Brisbane are here to help!