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Asbestos Materials in Brisbane Time to Time

Australia was known as the world’s highest consumer of asbestos cement in 1950s. Since 1930s when asbestos was widely spread, the buildings contaminated with the materials could up to one-third of the buildings in Australia.

Asbestos Data Across Australia

The utilized of fibrous material spread to many regions. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) within the residential in New South Wales close to 70.000 houses. Most of the houses built using fibre cement. Until the 1960s, 25% of housing in Australia used clad in fibre cement. The other area like Victoria, there is 98% of the residential constructed before 1976 had fibrous materials. The bad news is due to numerous usage of the fibre, this material not only a part of roofing in residential buildings but also in school and workplaces.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

So, how could Asbestos utilization have stayed longer?

ACM works well as a fire resistance, and it does not vaporize into the air and shattered over time. The other valuable points of ACM are cheap and durable. Besides, it’s also considered as a super insulator material before hidden dangers of ACM were slowly appeared. Those are the reasons why fibre was utilized in a long period of time.

Then, the facts of invisible ACM threat slowly appeared. ACM was found as not a super insulator after all. The hidden danger of fibrous substance is a bad thing. They are capable of killing you. The hidden danger is inhaling ACM fibers. If the ACM damaged, it is probably because it forms a dust of tiny fibers that easily go airborne.

We are likely breathed in the fibers that spread out in the air. The inhalation of the fibers will escort the fibers to travel deep into our body. When the fibers are inside our body, they are likely to stay within our body. The fibers are not easily broken down or destroyed by our body mechanism. The fibers will stick in our body (particularly our lung). Then the fibers inside our body will cause several dangerous diseases, such a lung cancer, or mesothelioma.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

The latest research shows that approximately around 90% of ACM consuming in Australia happened in the fibre cement industry. In the other words, many buildings in Australia is still using the ACM until today.

Asbestos in Brisbane

An ACM phenomenon around Australia spread all around the regions. Queensland is one of the examples. Queensland as the second-largest and third-most-populous region within the Commonwealth of Australia is facing the fibre problems. The most cases reported happened in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city.

The ACM in Brisbane area is as follows;

1. Houses and properties

The ACM in Brisbane mostly found is cement sheeting within dwellings. Fibre cement sheeting do not contain 100% of fibre materials. It mostly contains ACM around 10%-15%. It’s also lay within the vinyl tiles which commonly utilized in Queensland houses. The vinyl tiles contain around 8-30% ACM in a tightly bonded material. The ACM not only laid within the residential properties, but also in public properties and workplaces.

House’s with fibro most common found in New South Wales, Western Australia and The Northern Territory. House’s with fibro built less in Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia. Nevertheless, the fibrous material is still an issue in those places. For instance, is in Brisbane. Why? First, there are still some houses built with ACMs. Second, in Brisbane, there are numerous fibre ex-manufacturers.

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One of the issues in Brisbane is the ACM ex-manufacturers. Australian citizens who worked at the ex-manufacturers are at risk. For instance, based on Australian Council of Trade Unions, James Hardie got numerous claims. James Hardie built in some Australia’s regions, and Brisbane is one of the dangerous materials mining took place. That’s why Brisbane is on the top rank of mesothelioma cases. The positions based on the size and population of the territory. The presence of the natural ACM or ACM mines influenced the ranking.

2. Some of the areas reported with Asbestos Problems in Queensland;

There are many kinds of cases regarding fibre in some of Queensland’s areas.

In Brisbane area, there are several cases involving this hazardous substance. Mostly the cases are about illegal dumping. The person who did the illegal dumping was not only home renovators but also a professional removalist. They usually do the illegal dumping, because the fee of the disposal site is quite expensive.

In Toowoomba area, there are cases about illegal fibrous substance handling. A person officially pleaded guilty because doing an illegal removal. An illegal processing is when someone did the ACM removal or related works without any permission or a license. In Toowoomba, the ACM can be found in several buildings in Toowoomba.

Another area reported with ACM is Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a city known for its tourism. Gold Coast even recognized as the most famous tourist location in Queensland. About 10.000.000 tourist visit Gold Coast every year. Gold Coast offers the visitor about 37 miles of beach, 370 miles of canal, 100 thousand of natural reserve and five big theme parks within the area. Due to its exquisiteness as a tourism city, Gold Coast is facing the biggest nightmare, possibility of ACM exposure. That is why Gold Coast is a part of a large plan of Australian individuals in fighting the exposure of the hazardous materials.

The Effect of Asbestos Inhalation and Exposure

As mentioned previously, the fibers are dangerous. The fibers become such an evil straight away after someone breathed in the fibers. The fibers are so tiny that we can not see within our naked eyes. Some of the fibers are smaller than a human hair. When the fibers breathe in mostly, it will stay within your lung. It wills stays forever because our body does not have the ability to break down the fibers.

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The thread that remains in our lung causes the diseases.

Here are the list of most known diseases related to this material;

  • Pleural Plaques
  • Asbestosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma

The risk of getting the related diseases increases when someone breathes in a significant amount of the substance.

Before we move too fast, you may wonder what is the difference of fibre inhalation and its exposure? And which one is the most dangerous?

Inhalation is a process when someone inhales the substance, and unlikely happened for some time.

While exposure is occurred when someone exposed to fibers and likely inhales the substance rapidly and for some time.

Now, let’s move to what kind of situation with ACM is the most dangerous. The inhalation of the hazardous substance is harmful, but not all ACM in the “critical” state. There are two kinds of ACM, fibro, and the non-fibro.

The inhalation of low-risk asbestos, particularly non-fibro, is not as dangerous as getting exposure. Low inhalation but high exposure to fibers will likely lead you to diseases.

The Regulation in Brisbane

This material is a crucial topic. Due to its crucially, the local government tries to protect and anticipate everything involving ACM. Whether it is the homeowner, home renovators or the removalist, they shall aware to be careful around the material. So, there are some regulations that the government makes to overcome the ACM problems. The rules is as follows:

  1. The Australian government released the law to ban the usage of ACM material in properties.
  2. There will be a charges or lawsuit against someone who work carelessly or unsafely with this material.
  3. The Government officers will look into and investigate the complaints of ACM. Be careful! You may prosecute if you are breaking the rules.
  4. You may suit or take legal action against other people who do not handle ACM accordingly.
  5. In Queensland, there are laws relating to building and renovating regarding the ACM issues.

So, before you do some renovation or related with it, it is better for you to consult with an expert.

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Here is some information regardless the regulation;

1. Seek advice from the local council to find out if you’ll need approvals for your planned work. Some renovation activities may require approvals out of your local council. Remember to contact your local council before starting any work with fibrous substance.

2. Determine how you will discard the ACM waste. If it’s small quantity you may dispose of the waste by yourself. Otherwise, better use a licensed and experienced waste contractor.

Remember, if you discard the waste by yourself, contact your local council to consult first. Finding out specific requirements regarding the disposal is important. Find out where to take the fibrous substance junk and how much it will cost to discard your waste in disposal site.

If you want a painless and uncomplicated fibre handle, it is better to contact and hire professionals. We are the solution. We offers a professional and expert removal contractor in greater Brisbane area. We are the place where you may get your desired removalist in a quick and an easy way.

For more informations about asbestos removal in Brisbane area, or visits the link below:

The Queensland Government website provides more details about the risks and also the safe handling and disposal, you can visit:

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