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Our teams are dedicated to providing a high quality and competitive asbestos roof removal service within the greater Brisbane region. With vast experience of handling asbestos, our contractors provide a quick removal service of all types of asbestos. Your roof solution is only a call away!

Reliable Contractors for Asbestos Roof Removal

Our endorsed contractors are capable of taking care every roof removal projects at reasonable price, no roof removal jobs are too difficult and challenging for us. We are dedicated to promoting safety and professionalism throughout the licensed asbestos removal industry. Contact our contractors to discover what’s best for your asbestos roof removal.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose our endorsed contractors

  • We do all jobs – big and small
  • Your safety is our #1 priority
  • Our contractors are highly knowledgeable and experienced
  • We always respond to customers’ need fast
  • Deliver a complete procedure, from the inspection to the encapsulation of asbestos roof material

Trust only Asbestos Watch Brisbane endorsed contractors for a prompt and thorough asbestos roof removal.

Prompt and Trouble-free Asbestos Roof Removal

We provide a complete service for asbestos roof removal of all asbestos products and contamination in the greater Brisbane region. Our endorsed contractors will keep you up to date with the progress of every step throughout the job and provide you with milestone reports. Our service is completely transparent & our clients are kept aware of the details.

Services provided by our endorsed contractors as follows:

  • A detail and thorough inspection of roofing and siding materials
  • Removal and replacement of the entire roof or supporting structures containing asbestos
  • The work will be performed in compliance with legislation applicable code and guidelines.
  • Transportation of hazardous waste to legal disposal facility
  • Disposal of asbestos waste in an approved legal facility in the greater Brisbane region

Our contractors aim to eliminate the hazards of asbestos exposure within your premises and to the surrounding environment.

"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos roof removal in Brisbane"

Asbestos Roof Removal in Brisbane, Queensland (QLD)

Asbestos roof removal Brisbane is a dangerous job that could result in both physical and severe health problems. It is a process that required skilled and experienced workmanship to prevent not only physical injuries but also avoid contamination and other health risks associated with airborne fibres. It could also result in the property being condemned due to the asbestos contaminating not only your house but also the soil and any water bodies around. Such problems could lead to heavy fines or court cases.

asbestos roof removal brisbane

Asbestos, which is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral component, was used in many applications until recently when Australia banned it. It found numerous applications in building and construction, insulation, plumbing, as well as heating and packing due to its insulation, heat retaining, and high resilience to natural elements. Up until the 1980s, asbestos-containing material (ACM) was used in many construction projects as roofing materials due to its resilience to rusting and wears.

Due to the widespread use of fibrous material in ceiling parts in the past, many old houses and construction projects need careful ceiling replcement during sale, reconstruction, and demolition. Most of the fibro encountered during roof replacement is in the form of fibrous roofing tiles. Fibrous roofing tiles have the ability to last up to two centuries if undisturbed making it a favourable roofing material during the time. These tiles are usually bulky and corrugated making them hard to move and handle during ACM removal.

When it comes to removing fibrous siding and roofing materials, nothing should be left to chances. This is why you should hire the best experts to do the job. Asbestos Watch Brisbane, as an endorsement company for class-A licensed contractors, is the right place to search for professional and experienced removalists. We are committed to a safe and complete removal of fibrous roofing materials from your property.

Our team of professionals provides fibre siding removal Brisbane services for all types of buildings including residential, commercial, and government buildings. Hire our contractors today to ensure safety, professionalism and complete siding removal from your building.

Why you need a competent contractor for asbestos roof removal Brisbane project

The Brisbane, Queensland (QLD) city council recommends you to seek help from a certified contractor to remove fibrous roofing products at your premises. Here are several reasons why you should contact a professional contractor to perform fibrous shingles replacement project:

A license is required to remove fibrous roofing materials in Brisbane

A license is required in Brisbane (QLD)for removing roofing and siding products that contain fibrous materials. Only a licensed individual can carry out asbestos removal project. As stated by the Queensland law, different types of fibres must be handled differently. The local requirements for handling ACMs are:

  • A class-A and class-B license holder can remove non-friable materials that exceed 10 square meters in area
  • Only a class-A license holder can remove friable materials

You have to keep in mind that all jobs must be performed properly using safe work methods. Only a licensed removalist has the necessary knowledge and skills to remove hazardous roofing materials, efficiently and safely.

Potential health risks from fibrous roofing and siding products

As you may also be aware, fibrous material has, in recent years, been linked with some pretty serious forms of respiratory illness – even cancer. Fibrous material hasn’t been found to be dangerous in solid applications, but in the event of a renovation or demolition, fibers are released into the air.

When airborne fibers are breathed in, that’s when they become a danger to long-term human health. The effects of fibre exposure are not readily manifested and, therefore, its presence cannot be detected through the presence of illness.

Performing a DIY roof removal alone is dangerous

The dangerous material replacement is a critical process given Australia’s strict environmental and health policies. While contemplating handling or removing ACMs, the property owner must remember the risks associated with handling this dangerous material without adequate training, experience, or the right equipment.

Do not even think about handling that dangerous material yourself. You are not only risk serious health endangerment but also high fines from the environmental council and legal authorities. Be it from the roof, fence, walls, cement sheeting, compound, floor, or in the insulation, choosing a competent fibre removal contractor is important.

There are many reasons why choosing our class-A licensed contractors is a sensible move

Only reliable and competent contractors received our endorsement. Our approved contractors have an excellent track record and are highly-experienced. Our team of specialists is capable of handling challenges that come when removing hazardous roofing materials on your property. Here are top reasons why you should choose our approved contractors as follows:

  • We do all type of project – big and small: Siding replacement has always been one of the main services provided by us. Our contractors do all type of project and control the cost, schedule and quality to fit your needs. Our team can expertly handle all scope of works, starting from a pre-inspection until a full ceiling replacement at your premises. Our team of specialists will stage your project in the correct order to ensure everything is done properly and on time. Through the years, our contractors have established the reputation of being the “go-to” for siding removal Brisbane. Our resume and reputation speak for itself. Because of our emphasis on fulfilling our clients’ needs, our clients keep coming back to us for all their services needs.
  • Your health and safety is our number one priority: Keeping you safe is the top priority for our endorsed contractors. We believe that with the proper understanding of the tasks and with the implementation of adequate planning, all works will be completed safely. Our contractors have the experience, workforce, and equipment that will ensure your health and safety.
  • Our contractors are highly knowledgeable and skilled: When you choose our endorsed contractors, you don’t have to go through the hassle, as they are highly knowledgeable, have the right certification and experienced. Our clients entrust us not only because of their experience but the quality of work they can deliver through their highly skilled team.
  • Our team always respond to customers’ need fast: Our contractors substantially increase performance and control over the successful execution of the project. Our team of professionals always work and respond to customers’ need fast. Our team will set an appointment with you to gather information about your project and your individual needs to create a fair and accurate quote. Our contractors will then work with you to create a detailed timeline and plan for the project. We ensure that they will perform the job as per the specification of the contract and on time. Once the project is complete, our team will follow up to ensure clients’ satisfaction.
  • Our contractors deliver a complete procedure: Our contractors strive for innovation to better serve clients and have made significant investments in equipment and people to that end. They aim to deliver the project as planned to meet the intended schedule and to stay within budget. Our team of specialists comes prepared to get the project done with speed, safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

Extensive services provided by our approved contractors

Our services involve initial inspection and complete removal of all fibrous materials in your property. Services provided by our approved contractors as follows:

1. A detail and thorough inspection of roofing and siding materials:

Not all roofing and siding materials contain fibrous materials. It’s not possible to tell whether they contain fibres or not by just looking at them. Our qualified assessors will come and check the existence of fibrous roofing materials in your building. After a detailed inspection, they will provide you with a list of options of how they will tackle the fibrous roofing issues.

2. Removal and replacement of the entire roof or supporting structures containing fibrous materials:

Due to the open nature of fibrous roofing materials, most of the removing techniques such as HEPA filters cannot be used. Therefore, encapsulation techniques must be used to prevent releasing the dangerous microfibers while these roofing materials are being removed, handled, and transported to the landfill.

After carrying out the certified preparation, our contractors may apply a special binding resin or polymer to the asbestos surface using special sprayers. These sprayers apply only the thinnest layer to prevent the roofing tiles and gutter cracking or excessive pressure that could release the dangerous microfibers.

After applying several coats, our team will remove the fasteners and bolts that might be used to hold the roofing material to the building’s superstructure carefully to prevent cracking or breakage. Due to the fragile nature of fibre roofing materials, our specialists will do it carefully as most of the tiles are bulky and could crack or shatter on falling. They may later do a cleanup procedure to ensure that the contaminated area is safe for reoccupation.

3. The work will be performed in compliance with legislation applicable code and guidelines:

Our contractors will perform the work in compliance with the national and local regulations. They will go to your house or workplace with all the necessary devices to undertake the work as fast and safe as possible. When removing ACMs, our specialists will wear special attire as well as a respirator and a dust mask, as required by the regulation body. The attire worn will consist of disposable overall, gloves, hat, and goggles. All precautions will be made and followed through accordingly.

4. Transportation of hazardous waste to legal disposal facility:

After the fibrous roofing tiles have been removed from the building, they could either be transported as is to the landfill, or cut into smaller pieces using special saws in HEPA protected compartments. The waste will be placed in a sealed bags and containers and properly labeled. In order to reduce the risks associated with cutting up the fibrous roofing materials, our team prefers to use large vehicles to transport these materials to the certified landfill for proper disposal.

5. Disposal of asbestos waste in an approved legal facility in the greater Brisbane region:

Our contractors will comply with legal duties that relate to environmental management. Our team will first place the hazardous waste in a locked bag. This includes all equipment used during the replacement project, including over-all, goggles, masks, and respirator.  The bag will be labeled as ‘hazardous waste’ and placed in a waste container. All hazardous waste will be transported disposed of correctly and quickly in a legal facility in Brisbane. They will give you a final report to assure that the waste was disposed of legally.

If you are planning to remove fibrous roofing materials from your building, contact us today! We offers you qualified and class-A licensed contractors for your residential, commercial and government properties in the greater Brisbane region.

We are established as an endorsement company for contractors who provide extensive ACM-related services such as sampling, testing and management plan. Our trusted team of specialists aims to deliver the best services to remove fibrous materials within your premises, completely and safely in the fastest way.

We always strives to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We value the relationship with all our clients. Our contractors provide the safest and most responsive services to deliver satisfactory results, at competitive prices.

All you have to do is contact one or more of our endorsed contractors with a description of your needs. Our approved contractors will analyse the condition within your premises and perform the job; prompt and quickly.