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Create an Environmentally Friendly House for Your Family

Creating an environmentally friendly house is actually not difficult. If you know and understand the benefits you can get by building a greenhouse, then everyone will definitely be competing to have and build a green home. Not only saving the environment, green homes can make your family healthier, comfortable, and thrifty! Here are some tips for getting a green home for you!

friendly house for your family

It is best for you to reuse the woods that have been used for building the house. Thus, no timber will be wasted; you will save the forest, and it is also more efficient because the price is certainly lower than the new wood. Find a builder who can handle the task of controlling the use of building materials. So, everything can be used efficiently with a careful calculation so that no material will be wasted.

Wooden houses do look expensive and luxurious, but you should consider the condition of the forest too. If all of the trees are cut down, then who will eventually provide oxygen for our lives? Now, there are also many eco-friendly materials available everywhere. Try switching to other alternative materials such as a laminate floor, gypsum, mild steel, aluminum, or PVC. It is easier to be maintained than the original wood. The price is also more affordable. This is because the materials are made in the factory.

You should also make a home design that utilises nature as the home power source. Try creating large doors and windows to save electricity during the day. Houses with skylights, for example, do not need electrical lighting in the daytime, houses with large windows do not need air conditioning because the air from outside can circulate freely into the house. Better yet, you can have solar panels to absorb the solar power during the day and use it to warm the water for bathing. This trick can be used to save energy to power the house too.

Moreover, you can also use rainwater to accommodate the supplies in your house. The rainwater can be used to water the plants for example. You can also create absorption wells to collect the rainwater. The rainwater can be used in the toilet for the flush system. This way you can save more clean water. It is the best option to support the environment with green actions. You can also start everything from yourself. For example, you can use water to only rinse your body and turn off the water when you apply the soap. Do the similar actions when brushing your teeth or washing your face. Do not let the water drain wasted.

Another way to make the environment green is to create a green park. Planting trees in the garden can provide fresh air and increase oxygen in your home. Besides, the trees also provide shade and can protect the house from direct sun heat. You can also create it by hanging the plants on the wall of your house, not only in the park. The vertical wall can give a unique look to the house. Green homes are not only environmentally friendly, but you will also contribute to saving the environment.

vertical garden

Take your pen and notebook. The following list can help you create a friendly environment around your house. Keep in mind that doing home renovation can be done by applying the principles of environmentally friendly. Here are tips for you to do the eco-renovation while improving your residence.

1. Asbestos-free

Free your house from the presence of asbestos. Take a thorough inspection before conducting the renovation work. You should make sure that your house is free from any asbestos material. Continue the inspection by having an asbestos removal work. You can find many licensed asbestos removalist here in Brisbane, so take your time and always be safe for the renovation works.

2. Recycle

When renovating a room or a house, you may be tempted to destroy everything and start over. Change the habit and see if there are items you can keep or reuse.

3. Consider post-use items

Make up the house by using reuse furniture, which can be a great idea. Many online sales pages that sell used goods with great quality at low prices, such as wooden floors, bathtubs, basins, to kitchen appliances.

4. Sort out the garbage

When renovating the house, sort out the garbage you produce in two categories, recycled and non-recycled. Separate these objects that have been completely unused and which can still be utilised.

5. Donate used goods

Donate unused items that can still be used to others. You can leave it in front of the fence to be picked up by the authorities or give it to a needy volunteer community.

6. Choose the right paint

Many eco-friendly emulsion paint brands are available. Choose paint according to your needs, such as water-based paints that contain less VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

That’s all and good luck!

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