Fast Mobile Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Inspection Services in Greater Brisbane with On The Spot Results

Eliminate stress, save cost, and time with fast mobile asbestos testing and asbestos inspections by Asbestos Watch Brisbane. Onsite testing and results for residential homes, commercial, and industrial buildings. Or send your sample for testing by post and get results on the same day to which it is received. Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, North and South Brisbane and everywhere in between.

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Features of Our Asbestos Testing Services in Brisbane 

Asbestos Watch Brisbane is the leader in asbestos testing services across greater Brisbane and also the highest google reviewed. Here’s why

Accurate and The Only Mobile Testing Services

We are the first mobile asbestos testing service in Brisbane, offering on-the-spot testing with instant results. When you call for a consultation for our Asbestos testing service, we send a professionally trained technician directly to your building or workplace. Using the latest testing tools, you can expect fast results on the same day.

Asbestos Watch Brisbane is available 7 days a week
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Onsite Test Results

Don’t let your construction project get held up by waiting for long and costly delays. We use the latest asbestos testing equipment to provide you with instant test results. If your asbestos testing results are positive, Asbestos Watch Brisbane can provide you with a no-obligation asbestos removal plan for the entire building should it be required.

Certificate of Analysis

Through our asbestos survey, testing, detection, and assessment, you will receive a full report and a Certificate of Analysis on the day of the testing.

The Most Advanced Asbestos Testing Equipment

We use the new testing tool microPHAZIR AS analyser which is the latest point and shoot detector. In about ten seconds, you’ll know if the building contains one of six types of asbestos fibres. We do not need to extract a large sample as typically performed by traditional asbestos testing methods. We use Laser technology to identify the architecture of the fibre. A very small scrape if needed is performed and then lasered with a result immediately identified. The sample area is then sealed. A typical size is less than one-fifth of a 5 cent piece size.

This hand-held tool allows our operators to come to your site and detect asbestos in any location with immediate results. There is no need to extract a physical sample with our testing procedure. This accurate and simplified asbestos testing saves you time. It avoids the cost of lab testing. However, we also offer NATA Accredited laboratory services if requested.

Asbestos testing tool used by EPA

The MOST Highly Reviewed Asbestos Company in Brisbane

Very Professional service from Mark. Quick and effective, would highly recommend to anyone who is unsure about their entire house.


Sea Spirit Lifestyle

Professional and prompt service which provided peace of mind for ourselves and our tradesmen. I can highly recommend their services.


Juanita Boyce

Excellent company to work with! Mark was extremely prompt and efficient. I will definitely be recommending this company to my family and friends.


Chloe Tarr

Customised Asbestos Inspection Services for All Building Types

At Asbestos Watch Brisbane, we perform all asbestos audits, inspections and pre-purchase asbestos inspections on all three property sectors including residential homes, commercial buildings. Our thorough asbestos inspections include floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and the surrounding soil if necessary across all facilities. You’ll receive an accurate inspection report at a competitive price.

Residential home in Brisbane

Residential Homes

In residential homes built or renovated before 1985, asbestos very likely exists in the interior and exterior materials. You will also find asbestos in the garage, corrugated cement fences, and outbuildings. Cement roofing sheets infused with asbestos were a common building material for small buildings such as sheds. Asbestos lurks inside vermiculite popcorn ceilings, vinyl floor tiles, and various adhesives and fireproofing.

Commercial building in Brisbane

Commercial Buildings

Commercial construction was one of the most significant asbestos users, typically as a spray-on fire-retardant, wall panels, ceiling panels, roofing, and insulation. Before the ban, almost every hotel and apartment had it. The owners of commercial buildings have a legal obligation to perform an asbestos inspection and remove it if necessary. We can help you determine if the building contains asbestos and record the type, condition, and location. This is referred to as an Asbestos management Plan or Asbestos Register. Call our professionals to inspect and assess your needs.

Industrial building in Brisbane

Industrial Properties

Old factories make trendy new restaurants, shopping malls, and residences. Unfortunately, they typically used asbestos in significant quantities. Before working on these structures and sites, you must do an inspection for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). When found, trained asbestos professionals must remove and dispose of it under strict guidelines. Again, we strongly recommend that all clients comply to WHS legislation and have their buildings complaint with an Asbestos Register.

Asbestos Watch Brisbane offers complete asbestos inspection services and we can handle everything from asbestos audits to removal. After asbestos removal is performed, you’ll need a written Clearance Certificate from one of our independent Asbestos Hygienists. The Work Health and Safety Act define a competent person in relation to asbestos as a “licensed asbestos assessor or competent person engaged to carry out a clearance inspection and to issue the clearance certificate”. We offer such a service.

We Are a Professional Mobile Asbestos Company

Our experts perform thorough asbestos tests over the entire property to determine any hidden threats of asbestos. We conduct testing in residential homes, commercial properties, and industrial buildings. Our property coverage includes:


Professional customised asbestos testing services for any size building or property.


We use the latest asbestos detection equipment and methods. If necessary we can send the samples to a NATA laboratory if required.


Our technicians have B-Class licences enabling us to remove and clean-up any bonded asbestos and asbestos contamination.


We help you manage and control asbestos based on the Queensland Code of Practice.


Our safe work practices adhere to strict government regulations regarding testing, removing, and disposal of asbestos.


Asbestos Watch Brisbane has full insurance coverage for liability while conducting an asbestos survey on your property.

Asbestos Watch Brisbane is the first professional mobile asbestos testing company in Brisbane that provides instant results. We have a unique approach which will save you time and money and has a high accuracy of results. Thanks to new technology, supporting our professional technicians to give you a same-day asbestos testing service and test results at your location. Our Technicians are passionate and fully licensed . We not only possess extensive industry knowledge, but also the right certification and training that enables us to deliver efficient, comprehensive asbestos testing services at competitive prices. Our company is committed to provide the fastest and most reliable testing services to our community.

The first mobile asbestos testing in QLD

Our asbestos testing company’s services cover a complete range of building types from residential homes, workplace, commercial and industrial facilities. We support our clients who plan to buy a home with our pre-purchase asbestos testing service. We can advise on either a remediation action plan or removal if the test results show there is asbestos contaminated material (ACM) at your home. The use of asbestos in residential homes across Brisbane is immense so it’s smart to engage an asbestos testing service before buying a home and protecting you and your family from any asbestos exposure.

We are highly experienced asbestos technicians with exceptional long service histories, who are qualified in carrying out asbestos testing services in the greater Brisbane region. We care about all our projects and can often be found going the extra mile to ensure everything ‘is going right’!

Residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Brisbane

We service Brisbane Northside, Southern, Eastern and Brisbane West, Ipswich and Gold Coast with our full featured asbestos testing services. Call us 7 days a week and find out how Asbestos Watch Brisbane can save you time and money.

Asbestos Watch Brisbane is available 7 days a week

We Guarantee Our results 

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Three Types of Asbestos Services

Mobile Asbestos Testing

Our mobile asbestos testing can provide you with fast and accurate analysis for residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants. We are the first company in Australia that can give you same-day test results anywhere in Brisbane.

We use the most advanced asbestos detection equipment available at a competitive price. Our mobile testing service provides you with a same day report of your home, property, or workplace.

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane



  • You receive a Certificate of Analysis immediately on the day of the test.
  • Testing only takes about ten seconds per sample.
  • Comprehensive and accurate asbestos analysis.
  • Flexible booking hours, including weekends and evenings.
  • Asbestos testing includes internal and external areas including walls, ceilings, bathrooms, insulation, roofing, soil, fencing, and other suspected area.

Asbestos Property Inspections

From single dwelling homes, multi-unit buildings, high rises, commercial or industrial sites, we perform comprehensive property inspections for asbestos.

Before starting any renovation or demolition, order an asbestos inspection of the property to avoid disturbing any asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Our inspections will identify the material and create an asbestos remediation action plan you should you require it. We have teams that can safely remove asbestos from any building in Brisbane, Ipswich, and other areas of South East Qld.

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane



  • All the benefits and advantages of our Mobile Asbestos Testing.

  • Same-day results to keep your project on schedule.
  • Asbestos inspections include internal and external areas. including walls, ceilings, bathrooms, insulation, roofing, soil, fencing, and any suspected areas.

Asbestos Samples Testing By Post

Play it safe. If you have a sample you can opt for our “asbestos testing service by post” offer. Before you attempt to do-it-yourself, download our form and instruction sheet, “Safe Asbestos Sampling Procedure and Postal Instruction.” You can send us non-friable asbestos samples for testing. We’ll send you the results within 1 hour after we receive them.

Should any sample test read positive for asbestos, we can advise you on the next steps for safe asbestos removal. Our Brisbane location makes it quick and easy to get fast results.

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane



  • Follow the instructions carefully for your safety.
  • Collect a sample about the size of a 5 cent piece.
  • Place each sample in a separate bag with a legible label of where it originated.
  • Place all the samples inside a second sealable bag before mailing it to us.
  • If you have 3 or more samples call us for a special price.
No more will you have to suffer old inaccurate, inflexible, high priced, and excessive waiting times on results. Be Smart, Be Safe.

Our Fast Asbestos Testing and Inspection Services in Greater Brisbane

Asbestos Watch Brisbane provides asbestos testing, asbestos inspection and samples testing services throughout Brisbane and Queensland. Call us if you need asbestos testing services in:

Our asbestos testing and asbestos inspection also servicing in Morayfield, Petrie, Murarrie, Bribie Island, Caboolture, Cleveland, Deception Bay, Redcliffe, Woolloongabba.

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It’s easy to schedule an appointment for asbestos testing near you. We’re available seven days a week and evenings too.

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Why You Need Asbestos Watch To Perform Asbestos Testing in Brisbane

We are asked on a daily basis ‘why people need to test for asbestos?’. Most property owners don’t realise how commonly asbestos has been used in the past. Even though the use of Asbestos Materials has been banned since 2003, it may still be present in many areas in your home or workplace.

You can check for the presence of asbestos materials in your Asbestos Register or Asbestos Management Plan. Otherwise, the only safe and sure way to ascertain whether there is asbestos present is by having a professional test the material. There are several reasons why you should trust Asbestos Watch – Asbestos Testing team to ensure your safety:


A suspected material that may contain asbestos is damaged

Damage and deterioration will increase the friability of asbestos materials. Aging, continual vibration, water damage, and physical impact such as grinding, cutting, sawing, or drilling can break the materials down and make asbestos fibre release more likely. When a structure containing asbestos begins to crumble and break down, it can release harmful air-borne asbestos fibres.

Inhaled asbestos fibres may become trapped in the mucous membranes of the throat or pass deep into the lungs. Once they are trapped in our body, the fibres can cause health problems. This process is irreversible; that’s why you need to take extra precautions when you suspect damaged asbestos material in your house or workplace.

Natural incidents, such as storm and bushfires, happen

Our team of specialists will let you know if the presence of asbestos is in your property, and if so, if it is in a safe condition or not. We will also give further advise on how to handle the asbestos material safely if required, or will advise on the level of removal required.

When you are working on a renovation or demolition project

Any remodelling job involving cutting through cement sheeting walls or ceilings containing asbestos will require a removal license. Asbestos material is in no way something you want to take lightly if there are signs of damage or rotting to older buildings. It’s best to get it checked out by a professional, and if there is damaged asbestos, get it removed immediately by those qualified to do so, such as our A-class licensed removalists.

Our Asbestos Testing Process


Collect All The Samples From The Suspected Materials

Our team of specialists are equipped with all necessary equipment for a safe asbestos testing procedure. We ensure that our test team will collect any samples in a safe manner.

Testing All The Collected Samples Via An Accredited Laboratory (If Required)

Our team of specialists will let you know if there is the presence of asbestos in your home and if so, then the percentage of which exists on your premises. We will also give further advice on how to handle the asbestos material safely

Dispose Of Hazardous Waste In A Legal Landfill

Hazardous waste must also be correctly disposed of. We have the necessary permits to dispose of hazardous waste products in the right way according to Australian law.

Decontamination Of Sampling Area To Ensure That It Is Safe For Re-Occupation

Decontamination is critical to health and safety at hazardous sampling sites. We will determine appropriate clean-up methods. Our team of specialists will decontaminate all equipment used on site to minimize the transfer of harmful materials to clean areas. In the end, we will ensure that the sampling area is safe for re-occupation.

Decontamination Of Sampling Area To Ensure That It Is Safe For Re-Occupation

Decontamination is critical to health and safety at hazardous sampling sites. We will determine appropriate clean-up methods. Our team of specialists will decontaminate all equipment used on site to minimize the transfer of harmful materials to clean areas. In the end, we will ensure that the sampling area is safe for re-occupation.

Dispose Of Hazardous Waste In A Legal Landfill

Hazardous waste must also be correctly disposed of. We have the necessary permits to dispose of hazardous waste products in the right way according to Australian law.

We Are Experienced Asbestos Experts

Our Technicians are passionate, fully licensed . We not only posses extensive industry knowledge, but also the right certification and training that enables us to deliver efficient, comprehensive asbestos testing services at competitive prices.
Asbestos Watch Brisbane is available 7 days a week

Fast Accurate Job Estimates To Help You Plan

Upon your request, we will come and test asbestos materials within your property. Our asbestos testing services are accompanied by an easy-to-understand and timely report. With our asbestos testing services, you will understand the real situation of asbestos materials in your property and the most appropriate action to take.

We Are Committed To Provide The Very Best In Consistent High Quality Asbestos Testing Brisbane Services

No matter what service you choose; our approach puts you in touch with a team of professionals that understand your problems. We are available to offer best-practice recommendations when it comes to detecting and testing asbestos materials in your property.

Deliver All The Work In The Safest Manner And Utmost Care

We conduct asbestos testing work activities in a safe manner to ensure your health and safety. Our commitment to health and safety is underpinned by our belief that all projects must be undertaken strictly in agreement with the provision of all current legislation.

Our team of experts know what to look and where to look to collect samples on your property. As a result, our team of specialists will give you accurate asbestos testing results, prompt and right the first time! If you have any issues or questions, before or during the project, we are here to help. Contact us directly or fill in our request a quote form.

Asbestos FAQs

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, previously mined for its insulation and heat-resistant properties. We still find it in roofing, walls, and insulation. The microscopic fibres lodge permanently in the lungs when inhaled, causing long-term illness or death.

What is Asbestos Testing?

Asbestos testing is the process of identifying if asbestos fibres are present in a product or on a surface.

At Asbestos Watch, we use the latest device that uses near-infrared light to detect the presence of asbestos. You get results in ten seconds. If necessary, or upon your request, we can have samples analysed in a NATA laboratory, but it can take a few days.

What Buildings Have Asbestos?

If you’re working on a building constructed or renovated before 1985, chances are it has asbestos somewhere.

Asbestos was an essential material for both interior and exterior due to its fire-retardant and heat-resistant properties. Because it is a mineral, it won’t burn. Asbestos was an ingredient in cement panels for homes, commercial buildings, fences, and outbuildings.

How to Check or Test it?

It’s always the safest to let a professional take care of testing. You can’t detect the presence of asbestos by merely looking at it. It takes safe handling procedures and the right asbestos detection tool.

However, you can mail-in small samples for testing. We offer a mail-in service, and you can download the form here.

Where is Asbestos in My Building?

Asbestos can be anywhere, including bathroom and laundry walls and ceilings, floor underlay, external and internal hardiflex sheeting and corrugated roof sheets known as super six. It can exist in any residential, commercial, or industrial property.

In older homes, asbestos can be under old carpets as part of the underlay. Vinyl tiles either in squares or sheet form, and the glue that bonds them to any surface. It can be part of any wall, eave, electrical meter box backing boards and stormwater pipe shrouds. Many homes have exterior hardiplank cladding made with asbestos as well as the corrugated roof material.

How Long Until I Get My Test Results?

Most asbestos testing companies in Australia must send off samples to a lab. The results take two to three days.

When you call Asbestos Watch Brisbane, we can send a technician to you any day of the week, with our mobile asbestos testing. We use the latest testing tool, the microPHAZIR AS analyser, a point-and-shoot instrument that accurately identifies any of the six types of asbestos. You’ll know within 10 seconds whether there is asbestos present.

How Much Does it Cost?

Asbestos Watch Brisbane offers three economical testing options.

  1. Mobile Testing – From $299
  2. Property Asbestos Inspection – From $499
  3. Mail-in Asbestos Samples Testing – From $57

You’ll receive a discount for more than one sample.

Where to Send Sample for Testing?

We offer a mail-in service, and you can download the form here.

Asbestos Testing In Brisbane Tailored To Your Needs

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Mobile Asbestos Testing



  • Testing only takes less than one minute for 1 sample
  • Accurate & complete
  • Flexible Booking Hours Inc Weekends
  • Up to 3 samples inc
Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Asbestos Inspections



  • All the benefits found on Mobile Asbestos Testing
  • Same Day Asbestos Results. No Waiting Times
  • Internal Walls, Bathrooms. Roof Insulation, External Materials, Fencing and much more
  • Full Property Service Option from the ground up
Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Postal Sample



If you already have extracted a sample for testing, you can post it to us. We guarantee a result back to you as quickly as possible. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Double Bag your sample
  2. Post to our address                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Absolutely amazing service, came out straight away, came the time he was going to come and cost are exactly as what was quoted. Definitely using again and letting everyone know.


Dominique Renauf

I called in the morning and Mark was out with his assistant within 2 hours. It was quick and informative and I learnt everything I wanted to know. Would definitely recommend.


Ben Russell

I have recently used Asbestos Watch and cannot recommend them highly enough. Mark came helped us problem solve an issue in our properly, liaised with our builder and got the job done, seamlessly. Again was extremely impressed with the service we received.


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