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Our certified asbestos consultants are experts in all types of asbestos removal and related services. Our contractors have established a reputation for exceptional services by providing safe, responsible, and dependable results that our valued customers can depend on.

Competent Asbestos Consultant for Your Asbestos Problems

Our professional contractors will perform a safe procedure for your asbestos related problems in the most secured manner. Our consultants are qualified to inspect and review the asbestos situation and condition at your premises.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Our Endorsed Contractors

  • Skilled and trained consultants
  • Provide the certification of the work performed
  • Perform a trusted and reliable procedure
  • Quality service at the best price
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority

Trust only a professional, trusted and experienced consultant to handle your asbestos situation.

Asbestos Consultant for All Your Asbestos Related Needs

Our endorsed contractors understand the pressures experienced by clients when it comes to managing asbestos in buildings. Our consultants have the capabilities and experience to manage even the most complex or challenging projects. We pride ourselves on our transparent methods of tender security, impartiality and integrity.

Services provided by our endorsed contractors as follows:

  • Performing a thorough inspection and asbestos survey procedure at your premises
  • Independent review of asbestos air monitoring
  • Undertaking all the procedure with outmost care and reasonable pricing
  • Survey to identify the location and types of asbestos-containing material in your building
  • Emergency repair upon accidents

Our endorsed asbestos consultant will help you to overcome all problems caused by asbestos material in your property.

"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos consultant in Brisbane"

Asbestos consultant Brisbane services for all your needs

Before commencing any renovation or demolition works, it is important that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) be inspected and identified only by a trained and licensed personnel.

This is the best way to protect your investments and interests and ensure the health of your family is not impacted in any way. An asbestos consultant can provide insight and advice by conducting a thorough visual inspection and assessing the risk of fibrous materials, before a renovation or demolition work.

Asbestos Consultant Brisbane: Services for All Your Needs


Here at Asbestos Watch Brisbane, you can find class-A licensed and professional contractors that offer a wide range of services that cover the full spectrum of consultancy matters. Our endorsed consultants understand the pressures experienced by clients when it comes to managing fibrous materials in buildings.

Our endorsed contractors have extensive training to perform survey and risk assessments to ensure that your fibre problems are handled in a right way.  They provide a full range of surveys including re-inspection, pre-refurbishment, and pre-demolition – at a great cost.

In addition, they can also provide consultancy services to support the project requirements including asbestos removal services and air monitoring. Our excellent reputation has been built by following one main aim, which we always keep in mind: people’s safety.


What can our members do for you?

1. Performing a thorough inspection at your premises

When you suspected that a material in your building might contain fibres, you may want to get it inspected first before performing any removal procedures. Fibres can often be found in fencing, roofing, and sheeting products.

By doing a pre-inspection, you can ensure the health and safety of the people residing your house or workplace since inhaling a slight amount of fibre can increase the risk of cancer and mesothelioma.

Our contractors are able to undertake a full survey including:

  • Post-removal inspections,
  • Management,
  • Pre-refurbishment,
  • and pre-demolition.


They offer a swift response for all your needs with quick analysis and report delivery.


2. Developing asbestos register and management plan

If you own a commercial building, you may want to create a register and management plan since it is a legal requirement to keep them at your premises.

Failure to show the document to a governmental inspector can results in a huge fine that can be as high as $36,000.

Our contractors provide the most practical and efficient solutions for the management of fibrous materials in all property types. Whether it is in a residential, commercial, or government building, they will create excellent control plans to assure a safe and healthy environment for you and the people who matter to you.

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3. Independent review of air monitoring

Sampling of fibre levels may be required for various reasons including:

  • Identification,
  • Determination of background levels,
  • Assessment of personnel exposure,
  • and efficiency and effectiveness of control measures.

Our endorsed consultants conduct monitoring to ensure fibre levels in the air are kept to minimum and within statutory guidelines and regulations. With a strong reputation of consistency, our approved consultants align with the removalists to ensure the project is completed on time and to the highest possible standard.


Asbestos Consultant Brisbane: Services for All Your Needs


Trusted asbestos consultant Brisbane services for a peace of mind

Many side effects from fibres exposure are irreversible and permanent. It has been reported that 144 injuries and 2515 deaths are related to asbestos.  Injuries mostly occur due to an improper handling and failure to do a proper risk assessment before commencing any works related to fibrous materials.

It is important to perform an appropriate risk assessment by seeking help from a consultant in Brisbane.

Asbestos Watch Brisbane, as an endorsement Company for class-A licensed contractors, will connect you with trusted consultants that provide excellent asbestos consultant Brisbane services. They undertake surveying jobs ranging from residential and commercial properties to domestic buildings in accordance with government guidelines.

Our contractors are dedicated to providing healthy, clean, and toxic-free work and living spaces for clients. Our contractors will work with you to ensure the risk from friable fibre exposure is minimised by:

  • Conducting routine asbestos testing or sampling,
  • Reviewing and updating risk assessments,
  • and advising on appropriate control strategies.

They carry out consultancy services on all types of buildings, providing piece of mind, reassurance and healthy living and working spaces for you. They will tend to your needs right away with a professional and friendly approach. Following your initial contact, they will listen to your requirements and quickly devise a safe solution with time scales that suit you.

You can feel rest assured in choosing our approved consultants when assessing the risks posed by asbestos.