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Our endorsed contractors are dedicated to promoting safety and professionalism throughout the licensed asbestos removal industry. Health and safety are absolute priorities for Asbestos Watch Brisbane.

Why Select Our Endorsed Contractors for Your Asbestos Removal?

We understand that finding the right removalist can take a lot of effort. It’s important to choose a contractor who you can trust and rely upon. Our contractors have secured many large and on-going contracts for clients including local housing authorities, housing associations, and construction companies.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose our endorsed contractors

  • Our Class A approved contractors are selectively chosen
  • Our contractors employ new and modern technology for a safe removal procedure
  • Our removalists are skilled and highly experienced
  • High-quality services at competitive price
  • Deliver all the work in the safest manner and utmost care.

Our teams strive to eliminate the risks of asbestos exposure within your premises and to the surrounding environment

Asbestos Removal Services for peace of mind

Our highly qualified and experienced contractors will work with you to plan and undertake the works safely. We can offer you a wide range of asbestos removal, encapsulation and decontamination services to suit your requirements.

Services provided by our endorsed contractors as follows:

  • Initial survey and identification of asbestos-containing material in any residential, commercial, and government buildings
  • Removing all asbestos-containing materials on your property; starting from floors, walls, fencing to roofing material.
  • Transportation of waste materials to the disposal facility
  • Disposing of all kinds of asbestos waste to a legal facility approved by Brisbane City Council.
  • Notification to the people who resides your building, including your family and employees.

If you are looking for asbestos removal services for peace of mind, call us today!

"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos waste removal in Brisbane"

A comprehensive and competitive asbestos removal in Brisbane

You are mistaken if you think that asbestos is the problem in the past. This toxic material, which can cause lung cancers and mesothelioma, is still present in two-thirds of Australian houses. Although Australia has banned the use of asbestos in constructions, this material still exists in some buildings in Brisbane. Most buildings built before the mid-1980s will be highly likely to contain fibrous.

The mere presence of asbestos-containing material (ACM) is not dangerous; ACM poses a health risk when it’s being disturbed and subsequently inhaled. The risk of being exposed to this fibrous material is noteworthy, particularly when structural damage or alterations to older buildings are underway.

asbestos removal Brisbane

When it comes to removing fibrous materials, nothing should be left to chance. This is why you have to contact the best experts to do the work. If you believe that you have ACM in your building, get in touch with us today. We offer you professional removalist for your commercial, residential and government properties throughout the greater Brisbane region.

Our endorsed contractors will remove the dangerous material from your building, and if required they will undertake an extensive survey, sampling and testing procedure in your property before commencing any work. We offer flexible solutions in demanding situations. When it comes to detecting and safely removing asbestos, it is best to contact a class-A licensed contractor.

Why you need a competent and reliable contractor to remove ACM at your premises

There are two types of ACM, which are friable and non-friable (bonded). Friable means any material that contains fibres in the form of powder. It can be easily crumbled and reduced to dust by hand pressure. Examples of friable material that you can find in your building are sprayed insulation, millboard, and woven matting.

Non-friable material is when fibres are used as mixing materials and bonded to another material. It cannot be pulverised and crumbled to a powder by hand pressure when dry. Common examples of non-friable material are electrical switchboards and cement sheets.

A license is required in Brisbane, Queensland (QLD) for removing materials that contain dangerous material. Only a license holder may carry out this type of work. In principle, different types of fibres must be handled differently, as stated by the Queensland law. The requirements for handling different types of ACMs are:

  • Non-friable material that does not exceed 10 square meters in area can be removed without a license
  • Over ten square meters of non-friable material must be removed by a Class-A or Class-B licensed removalist
  • Friable materials must be removed by a class-A licensed removalist

Even though a license is not required to remove 10 square meters or less of bonded material, all works must be performed properly using safe work procedures. Besides legal requirements, there are many reasons why you need to hire a removalist to do the job as follows:

  • Side effects of fibre exposure: A prolong exposure to fibres can lead to the development of aggressive diseases. Mesothelioma, lung cancers, and asbestosis are few examples of diseases caused by the fibre exposure. When being inhaled, airborne fibres can lodge in the lung tissue and develop into a tumour. Improper handling of ACM increases the chance of getting these diseases. Experts say that a few hours of exposure to this toxic substance is enough to trigger the condition later in life. It is advisable to leave the work to the professionals to ensure the health and safety of people who reside at your house or workplace.
  • Accidents can happen unexpectedly: There are many accidents happened due to an improper DIY removal project. Even when you are sure that you are capable of handling the project yourself, accidents may happen unexpectedly. There is a risk of falling when working with ceilings. It is also dangerous to work near electrical boxes since you need to wet the surface of ACM regularly. For a peace of mind, seek help from a professional removalist to get the job right; the first time.
  • A DIY project must require protective equipment and a safe removal process: Asbestos removal is a delicate process that needs specialized protective clothing and clean-up procedures. You have to follow a set of rules and requirements that you probably don’t understand well. You may be doing more harm than good since you are unsure whether ACM has been completely removed from your building or not. Just because you could probably get the job done yourself, doesn’t necessarily means that it’s a good idea to do it your own. Some jobs simply must be left to those who are capable and competent to do it.

The Brisbane City Council recommends you to seek help and advice from a professional removalist to remove ACM at your premises. We, as an endorsement company for licensed contractors, is the right place to search for professional and reliable removalists.

Our endorsed contractors are extensively trained, have the right certification, and exceptionally skilled. If you are looking for a removalist who is time conscious, thorough, and detail oriented; then we are here to help.

There are plenty of reasons why choosing our class-A licensed endorsed contractors is a wise move

We endorse contractors who are highly skilled and have an excellent track record. Our contractors have extensive experience and capable of handling challenges that come with the extraction of the substance in your property. Here are top reasons why you need to choose our endorsed contractors:

  • Our approved contractors are selectively chosen: We understand that choosing the right removalist, that you can rely upon, tends to be challenging. That’s why we only endorse contractors that are fully licensed, experienced, and have an excellent safety record. Our removalists offer a comprehensive and competitive service in Brisbane for all types of buildings.
  • Our removalists employ new and modern technology for a safe removal process: Removing fibrous roofs, walls, and floors require a great deal of specialized tools and equipment. Without the right equipment and training, there is no way that the job will be done properly. The removalists are equipped with modern equipment that is needed to remove fibrous material in the best way possible. You can rest assured that they will show up with all the equipment necessary to complete the project at hand within the shortest time possible.
  • Our removalists are skilled and highly experienced: We will connect you with a highly trained team of removalist that can undertake all kind of removal project within the Brisbane region. We pride ourselves in our teams’ problem-solving abilities and can-do attitude. Our removalists will work closely with you to ensure all projects are handled thoroughly.
  • High-quality services at competitive prices: Whether you need asbestos removal Brisbane in a residential, commercial, or government settings, our removalists know exactly what it takes to keep the project on time and within budget. You will get a free and accurate estimate to keep you informed of all process and specific services needed. Whether they need to remove ACM in cement sheeting, roofing products, or vinyl flooring, our removalists will conduct the removal fast and efficiently with minimal disruption.
  • Deliver all the work in the safest manner and utmost care: Our contractors offer a bespoke service tailored to your exact specification. We encourage safety standards to ensure that all of our removalists handle the asbestos removal Brisbane projects in the manner it should be – with expertise and the utmost care. Through efficiency and safe solutions, they will provide you with added value, quality, and peace of mind.

Vast and extensive services provided by our endorsed contractors

Our services involve initial survey and removal of all ACM on your property; starting from floors, fencings, walls to roofing materials. Services provided by our endorsed contractors as follows:

  • Initial survey and identification of ACMs in any residential, commercial, and government settings: Avoid problems and additional costs later on by knowing as much as you can about the condition of a property before you buy. The property you intended to buy may contain ACMs. Furthermore, numerous factors including time and weather can cause damage to these materials. Contact our contractors when you need assistance for a pre-inspection or identification of ACMs in your property. Their team of certified assessors can handle all scope of works, starting from an inspection until a full removal at your premises
  • Removing all ACMs on your property: Our contractors may remove the materials by different methods, either repair or a complete removal. They will use the most effective procedures to extract the ACMs from your house or workplace completely. Our contractors ensure a high quality of service at all times by they highly experienced workforce. They have developed excellent working relationships with many property owners in the greater Brisbane region. To exceed the expectations of our clients through quality workmanship is one of our biggest aims.
  • Transportation of waste materials to the disposal facility: Prior to removal, all ACMs will be wrapped and labelled as hazardous waste. Our contractors will check that all bags are not at risk of ripping. The waste will be loaded in the back of a truck or a trailer. They will ensure that the waste container will be safely transported to a nearest legal facility. You can rest assured that all waste will be transported promptly as our contractors hold an environmental authority to transport the hazardous waste.
  • Disposing of all kinds of ACM waste to a legal facility approved by Brisbane City Council: The Brisbane city council recommends every individual to engage a competent contractor to undertake the dispose of hazardous waste. Our removalists will handle the dispose of hazardous waste products legally, safely, and promptly. Our removalists will dispose of the waste at a site approved by the Brisbane city council; safely and efficiently. They will also deliver an official report to you after the disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Notification to the people who reside in your building, including your family and employees: It is important that individuals who occupy your building, either your family or employees, kept informed of the removal project. Our contractors may record and document the project in an asbestos register and management control plan. This register must be accessible to anyone residing in your house or workplace. Our team of specialists strives to ensure that all works will be conducted to meet initial project requirements.

Leading the way with quality service you can rely upon

We endorse class-A licensed contractors that are professional, competent, and reliable for asbestos removal Brisbane. We are dedicated to promoting professionalism and integrity throughout the industry. Only skilled and trusted contractors that can conduct an effective and efficient demolition received our endorsement.

Our contractors can remove all forms of ACM in any location, whether it is on the ceiling or beneath the floor. They have worked in many commercial, residential, and government settings. We are putting safety and quality at the center of all that we do. All the projects that our contractors have done adhere to strict safety and health regulations.

We always strives to exceed our clients’ expectations. We value the relationship with all of our customers. Our contractors ensure that all projects will be carried out in the most discreet and professional manner as possible. Our team of professionals can provide you with the most efficient and competitive service while putting your health and safety as our highest priority. If you need any information regarding the services offered by our contractors, then please do not hesitate to contact our professional team.

When seeking a reliable and competent removal contractor to remove ACM from your property safely… look for Asbestos Watch Brisbane.