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Imagine the time and money you can save with on-the-spot asbestos results! We take care of your testing needs within minutes, and we are available when it suits you, evenings and weekends, 7 days a week.
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Our Testing Services… Faster Than Anybody Else

The first asbestos testing service in Brisbane that can provide test results on the spot. Testing only takes minutes, value your time, be smart be safe.

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We are a business that is on your side! From the moment you call, until we finally shake hands at the completion of the job, you can be assured the journey is about you, your family’s health and well being.

Asbestos testing tool

The Most Sophisticated Tool

We use the new microPHAZIR AS analyzer, it is a powerful tool that enables in-field, rapid screening and identification of all six types of regulated asbestos fibres—within seconds. The most highly accurate testing tool on the market.

  • Portable Consumer Safety & Regulatory Solutions
  • Portable Environmental Safety Analysis
  • Can analyse up to 6 asbestos fibre types without cutting for samples, just point and shoot
  • Test for contaminants on-site and get results within seconds to plan your remediation efforts
Flexible hours

Flexible Booking & Fast Results

Our time is precious, so is yours. On-The-Spot Testing takes into account your family’s busy lifestyle. Book us anytime, our experts are on the road 7 days a week.

Testing only takes minutes, value your time, be smart be safe.

Certificate of analysis

Certificate of Analysis On-The-Spot

We make everything easy for you. Because of our fast, accurate and complete analysis, you will receive your Certificate Of Analysis ON THE SPOT.

As asbestos experts, we will be able to provide a remediation plan for you should you require asbestos removal. We can help you achieve the best price removal, thanks to our pre-approved A & B Class Removalist Partner.

Asbestos Testing Brisbane Services

Understanding the complexity of asbestos testing industry, we made it our mission to bring “On-The-Spot” Asbestos testing to masses. No more will you have to suffer old inaccurate, inflexible, high priced and excessive waiting times on results. Be Smart Be Safe.

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  • The first asbestos testing service in Australia that can provide test results on the spot
  • Certificate Of Analysis supplied on the day of test
  • Testing only takes less than one minute for 1 sample
  • Accurate & complete
  • Flexible Booking Hours Inc Weekends
  • Using the most sophisticated tools in the market today. Laser driven Mobile Testing Unit. Immediate Results
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial
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  • All the benefits found on Mobile Asbestos Testing
  • Same Day Asbestos Results. No Waiting Times
  • Internal Walls, Bathrooms. Roof Insulation, External Materials, Fencing and much more
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per sample

    If you already have extracted a sample for testing, you can post it to us. We guarantee a result back to you within 60 minutes of receiving your sample in the post. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    • Double Bag your sample
    • Post to our address
    • Analysis within 60 mins of receiving your sample

    Our Commitment To You

    We are committed to ensuring your health and safety.

    Our team of experts offer you comprehensive asbestos testing services to ensure that you have a safe working or living environment for family or employees.

    We value our clients and know that each one is different.

    We perform all asbestos testing jobs in accordance with all relevant government regulations.

    Providing clients with excellent customised asbestos testing services.

    Asbestos removal technician

    Asbestos Testing In Brisbane Tailored To Your Needs

    Are you considering purchasing or renovating a house? You may need to take extra precaution as asbestos material was only banned in 2003. Only a professional knows what to look for and where to look. Upon your request, Asbestos Watch can either take a simple sample from your home, or perform an extensive survey to ascertain the total amount of asbestos.

    Covering All Property Sectors

    We are highly experienced operatives with exceptional long service histories, who are qualified in carrying out asbestos testing services in the greater Brisbane region. We care about all our projects and can often be found going the extra mile to ensure everything ‘is going right’!

    asbestos sample testing
    Residential building in Brisbane


    Commercial building in Brisbane


    Industrial building in Brisbane


    Asbestos sample testing

    Why You Need Asbestos Watch To Perform Asbestos Testing Brisbane

    We are asked on a daily basis ‘why people need to test for asbestos?’. Most property owners don’t realise how commonly asbestos has been used in the past. Even though the use of Asbestos Materials has been banned since 2003, it may still be present in many areas in your home or work place.

    You can check for the presence of asbestos materials in your Asbestos Register or Asbestos Management Plan. Otherwise, the only safe and sure way to ascertain whether there is asbestos present, is by having a professional test the material.

    There Are Several Reasons Why You Should Trust Asbestos Watch – Asbestos Testing Team To Ensure Your Safety

    A suspected material that may contain asbestos is damaged

    Damage and deterioration will increase the friability of asbestos materials. Aging, continual vibration, water damage, and physical impact such as grinding, cutting, sawing, or drilling can break the materials down and make asbestos fibre release more likely. When a structure containing asbestos begins to crumble and break down, it can release harmful air-borne asbestos fibres.

    Inhaled asbestos fibres may become trapped in the mucous membranes of the throat or pass deep into the lungs. Once they are trapped in our body, the fibres can cause health problems. This process is irreversible; that’s why you need to take extra precautions when you suspect damaged asbestos material in your house or workplace.

    Natural incidents, such as storm and bushfires, happen

    Our team of specialists will let you know if the presence of asbestos is in your property, and if so, if it is in a safe condition or not. We will also give further advise on how to handle the asbestos material safely if required, or will advise on the level of removal required.

    When you are working on a renovation or demolition project

    Any remodelling job involving cutting through cement sheeting walls or ceilings containing asbestos will require a removal license. Asbestos material is in no way something you want to take lightly if there are signs of damage or rotting to older buildings. It’s best to get it checked out by a professional, and if there is damaged asbestos, get it removed immediately by those qualified to do so, such as our A-class licensed removalists.

    Our Asbestos Testing Process

    Collect All The Samples From The Suspected Materials

    Our team of specialists are equipped with all necessary equipment for a safe asbestos testing procedure. We ensure that our test team will collect any samples in a safe manner.

    Testing All The Collected Samples Via An Accredited Laboratory (If Required)

    Our team of specialists will let you know if there is the presence of asbestos in your home and if so, then the percentage of which exists on your premises. We will also give further advice on how to handle the asbestos material safely

    Decontamination Of Sampling Area To Ensure That It Is Safe For Re-Occupation

    Decontamination is critical to health and safety at hazardous sampling sites. We will determine appropriate clean-up methods. Our team of specialists will decontaminate all equipment used on site to minimize the transfer of harmful materials to clean areas. In the end, we will ensure that the sampling area is safe for re-occupation.

    Dispose Of Hazardous Waste In A Legal Landfill

    Hazardous waste must also be correctly disposed of. We have the necessary permits to dispose of hazardous waste products in the right way according to Australian law.

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    Why you need an Asbestos Test?
    We Are Experienced Experts

    Our Technicians are passionate, fully licensed . We not only posses extensive industry knowledge, but also the right certification and training that enables us to deliver efficient, comprehensive asbestos testing services at competitive prices.

    Fast Accurate Job Estimates To Help You Plan

    Upon your request, we will come and test asbestos materials within your property. Our asbestos testing services are accompanied by an easy-to-understand and timely report. With our asbestos testing services, you will understand the real situation of asbestos materials in your property and the most appropriate action to take.

    We Are Committed To Provide The Very Best In Consistent High Quality Asbestos Testing Brisbane Services

    No matter what service you choose; our approach puts you in touch with a team of professionals that understand your problems. We are available to offer best-practice recommendations when it comes to detecting and testing asbestos materials in your property.

    Deliver All The Work In The Safest Manner And Utmost Care

    We conduct asbestos testing work activities in a safe manner to ensure your health and safety. Our commitment to health and safety is underpinned by our belief that all projects must be undertaken strictly in agreement with the provision of all current legislation. Our team of experts know what to look and where to look to collect samples on your property. As a result, our team of specialists will give you accurate asbestos testing results, prompt and right the first time! If you have any issues or questions, before or during the project, we are here to help. Contact us directly or fill-in our request a quote form.

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    Excellent customer service. The service was provided exactly as discussed in a very timely manner. Would definitely recommend.

    Christa Daniels

    Great prompt service. Friendly and efficient.

    Aletia Berte

    Professional and super efficient business on verifying of any Asbestos present or not at my home. Which upon investigation and testing, there was none at my home at all. Highy recommend Asbestos Watch Brisbane that also travel to Toowoomba and Dalby.

    esen47 Australia

    Quick, efficient, friendly and thorough service. Was able to make a booking with late notice and made it on site early.

    Jayden Sheridan

    Very friendly yet professional. Uses latest technology and provides results within minutes. Highly recommended.

    Ravi Dhupar

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