Asbestos Testing In Mackenzie

Fast, licensed, and reliable asbestos testing and inspectionsampling in Mackenzie for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

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Our Asbestos Services Include:


Mobile Asbestos Testing Mackenzie


Asbestos Inspections Mackenzie


Asbestos Sample Testing via Post Mail

What Makes Our Testing Process Different?

You Get Immediate Results

Our onsite testing process doesn’t require extracting samples from your structure like traditional methods.


Same-Day Certificate of Analysis

Our technicians use the latest detection equipment and methods ensuring that you get accurate results. Our tests only last ten seconds per sample so you get your results the same day.


Thorough Testing With No Added Fees

We’ll test every nook and cranny of your property from the walls to the ceiling and even the roof. All these done with an upfront, fixed-price cost, no hidden fees and questionable add-ons.

A Breakdown of Our Services

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Mobile Asbestos Testing Mackenzie

We are the first professional company covering Mackenzie offering same-day results for sampling and testing asbestos. Using the latest industry tools, we can extensively check the asbestos level of residential, commercial, and industrial structures.

Our comprehensive method checks everything from the floors, walls, ceilings, roof and even your surrounding soil. After each test, you get fast, accurate results complete with a Certificate of Analysis.

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Asbestos Property Inspections Mackenzie

We help you identify the asbestos level of your property, whether it’s a single dwelling home, high rise apartments or multi-unit buildings. We also do inspections for commercial and industrial complexes.

We help you create a remediation action plan for contaminated areas to limit risks of human exposure to the material. Our highly experienced technicians go the extra mile to make sure everyone around you is safe from any asbestos contamination.

Get On The Spot results from Asbestos Watch Brisbane

Asbestos Sample Testing Mackenzie

Send your extracted sample to our facility and we’ll do an extensive test to see if it is positive for asbestos. Our post sample system makes it easy for you to conduct testing without the hassle of disruptions to your day to day routines.

We provide a clear guide on how you should handle and forward any extracted samples. Expect your results in an hour after we receive your sealed testing piece.

Why Is Asbestos Testing Important?

Asbestos in your property should never be taken for granted. Unmonitored asbestos can lead to serious lung damage to you, your family, and other people staying in your property. If you own a commercial building, you risk your workers and customers to various lung cancers and asbestosis

In 2020, the number of deaths related to asbestos exposure surpassed those of Covid-19 victims in Australia.

What Can Cause Asbestos Contamination?

Asbestos is used extensively in Australian homes built before 2003. It can be found carpets, wall insulation, vinyl tiles, eaves, roof, fences, garages, and even water tanks.

When it is left intact and undisturbed, it won’t pose risks to your health. But, when it is broken, scraped, cut, sanded or even sawn-into, small toxic fibres will be released into the air. These fibres when inhaled will cause many complications including cancer, asbestosis (lung scarring) and Mesothelioma (an incurable disease).

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Why Choose Asbestos Watch In Mackenzie?

We are the leading choice of many homes and businesses for testing and asbestos-related services in many Brisbane suburbs including Mackenzie. We’ve worked with numerous clients from homeowners wanting a renovation to businesses with large warehouses.

Our Benefits:
Call Anytime - we are open 7 days a week
Fast Testing and Results - get your Certificate of Analysis on the same day
On the Spot Testing - no initial surveys required
Fixed Price - no additional fees or under the table charges
Licensed Technicians - we have technicians ready to respond your call
Other Services We Offer:
Asbestos Register
Management Plan for Asbestos Contamination

Worried About Asbestos Levels in Your Mackenzie Property?

Contact us today for a quick consultation. We’ll help you assess if you need on-site testing and inspection. With our fast, reliable, and professionally done testing, you have no worries about exposure to asbestos and site contamination.

We Guarantee Our results

Spend your day to day activities with peace of mind.