Asbestos removal and disposal

At Asbestos Watch Brisbane, the cost of asbestos removal is $50-80 per square metre. Removal costs of asbestos depend on many varying factors, such as the type, amount, and condition of the asbestos.

Asbestos fibres are a group of natural minerals that many construction companies used to roof and insulate homes from the 1940s until the 1980s. At the time, builders believed that it was a great material due to its affordability and heat resistance. However, scientists have since discovered many health hazards surrounding asbestos.

Asbestos wears over time and releases fibres that are extremely harmful to the lungs. If you still have asbestos on or in your home or commercial building, removing it is essential to make sure your family, neighbours, or workers stay safe.

You should never try to tackle a removal by yourself. Contracting licensed professionals with experience is your best bet at saving time, money, and stress—and staying healthy. Whether you have asbestos on your roof or in your walls or ceilings, Asbestos Watch Brisbane offers inspections and removals at reasonable prices.

Keep reading to find out more about the costs of removal based on location and building sizes. We also discuss how the type of asbestos on your property influences the cost of removal. Most of the time, our team will need to perform an inspection to determine the forms of asbestos on your Brisbane property.

If your residential, commercial, or industrial complex has asbestos on the interior or exterior, this article will inform you about what influences the cost of asbestos removal services.

Factors That Influence Asbestos Removal Costs in Brisbane

Our licensed asbestos removalists will inspect your property to give you a removal quote, as every property’s case is unique. Here are some of the factors that will affect the cost of removing asbestos:
  • The condition and state: We need to determine if it is friable asbestos or non-friable asbestos
  • The amount of asbestos: The larger the job, your cost-per-square-metre will decrease
  • The type of material: Asbestos roofing may be more complicated than fencing, for example
  • The location: If limited access exists to your site or home, this increases the cost
  • The amount of damage done before removal
  • Any other obstacles that hinder the process

We Offer Free, Accurate Estimates in Brisbane and Surrounding Areas

Having asbestos removed from your property and replaced with asbestos-free material is imperative if you want to keep yourself and your community safe. Working through a professional removal company like Asbestos Watch Brisbane is essential. We monitor your breathing air during the process and make sure that we leave no hazardous materials behind. Our technicians will come straight to your property when you call so we can do a rapid test and give you a free, accurate estimate for the cost of your removal.

Leave Asbestos Removal Up to the Professionals

There are a few principal safety measures that your asbestos removalists should take when removing and disposing of the material from your property. These practices include

  • Dampening and sealing of all wastes
  • Disposing of all wastes right away at an allocated site
  • Transporting the waste in a secure vehicle

Most importantly, be sure to choose licensed and experienced removalists for their expertise and specialised equipment.

The technicians at Asbestos Watch Brisbane have Class B licenses, EPA-registered trailers, and the right skills to carry out a successful, clean asbestos removal.
Any disposal of friable asbestos or more than 10 square metres of non-friable asbestos is illegal in Brisbane. You should be aware that people face fines of over $7,500 for any incorrect disposal of asbestos, which is why hiring a professional is essential. Your removal costs already include the fee for the local disposal point.
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At Asbestos Watch Brisbane, we offer excellent prices to remove asbestos, starting at only $50 per square metre. The quality of our work is unbeatable for the price.

Call Asbestos Watch Brisbane today at 07 3180 1405 to schedule an inspection and get a free quote for asbestos removal anywhere in Greater Brisbane. We are here to keep our communities safe and healthy.